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Dash Image
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Recommended Age Range 11+ 6+ 6+
Introduction Cue is for the budding inventors and tinkerers, engaging with personality, chat, and advanced robot coding. Dash is designed to engage young thinkers with its charming personality, visual coding, and self-guided missions. Dot will inspire young creators with DIY projects, self-guided coding challenges, costumes, accessories, and more.

Robot Capabilities

Personality Customizable Unique For Dash Unique For Dot
Voice Recording & Playback Yes Yes Yes
Detects Voice Direction Coming Soon Yes
Detects Other CleverBots Coming Soon Yes
Chat Messaging Yes
Robot Control Yes Yes Yes
Precision Motion Yes Yes
Drives, turns, & moves head Yes Yes
Detects Objects (Front & Behind) Yes Yes
Volume Control Yes
Light Brightness control Yes
Accelerometer Yes
Gyroscope Yes Yes Yes
Rechargeable Battery (at full charge) Several Hours Several Hours Several Hours

Coding/User Experiences

Fast Sensor Data Response Times Yes
State Machine Programming Create (in the Cue App) Wonder Wonder
Reactive Behaviors Yes
Block-Based Coding Yes Yes Yes
JavaScript Coding Yes
Apple® Swift Playgrounds Coming Soon Yes
Pre-reader Apps Go, Path, Xylo Go


Launcher Yes
Xylo Yes
Accessory Pack Yes
Building Brick Connectors Yes Yes Yes
Creativity Pack Yes
New Accessories Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon