An Applied Robotics Solution for Middle Schools

The personable Cue robot is now ready for middle school. Our comprehensive solution includes teacher training, curriculum, and classroom features for Chromebook and Windows 10 to help you bring computer science to life for your students.

“Wonder Workshop's engaging approach to coding and robotics helps my students develop the fundamental skills of collaboration, problem solving, and persistence through engaging, hands-on activities that enhance lessons in all subjects”


Three skill levels of coding for students to discover robotics


Explore the basics of Cue’s motors, sensors, and more, while learning fundamental coding concepts with a drag-and-drop language.


Transition students to more complex programming with scaffolded challenges and an interactive editor for text code.


Design and visualize the flow of robot input and output with our unique state-machine language for Cue.

Applied Robotics Curriculum

Explore our project-based Applied Robotics Curriculum for grades 6-8 to begin building advanced skill sets. Promote design thinking through open-ended activities and collaborative projects, which offer students voice and choice while being tied to standards-based, cross-curricular lesson plans.

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Cue for Windows 10 and Chromebooks

New teacher-friendly features include cloud-based student and teacher accounts, Microsoft Office 360, Google SSO (single sign-on), and in-app challenges aligned to our new Applied Robotics Curriculum.

“Wonder Workshop’s approach to teaching coding and robotics allows my students to build and develop computer science skills, while also learning the fundamental skills of critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and creative storytelling. We’ve used Dash and Dot in elementary schools across our district, and are excited to introduce Cue to our middle school students as they transition from block-based to JavaScript.”

KENT STEEN, PH.D. Curriculum Specialist for Lincoln Public Schools in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Professional Development

Dive into our new online Teach Wonder professional development course, Introduction to Coding and Robotics with Cue. Work at your own pace to gain a broader understanding of how coding and robotics fit into your everyday middle school teaching with our foundational course (12 hours).

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